Monday, April 20, 2009

Greenie Green Grass HopperZ

Here's some shots taken from my house garden. This particular grasshopper is so tamed and calmed. Very easy to shoot it as it won't move even though you disturbed it. LOL

Sharp Green GrassHopperZ
Sharp Green truly brings out the Calmness

Well, I've been staying at my house for almost 12-15 years, and I didn't realize my garden truly brings out beautiful shots. Well thanks to my mom and dad for upkeeping them. LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Shots - Lotus Flower

Few weeks back, we decided to take some good photos after a long long time, and here's the one of the best shots. In addition, all these photos are original without and photoshop touch up. Enjoy~!!

One of the best shots I've ever taken (Love it)
This Lovely Fake Lotus Flower looks extremely sharp with perfect lighting and ISO
A short partial poem - The Lotus Flower by Roderic Quinn

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bird Part 2008

Way long ago, Wei Hoe and I visited the "Asia's largest Bird Park (konon-nya)" to practice our dusted DSLR photography skills. We paid only RM15 each and we manage to shoot many beautiful shots, but I only pick my most favourite to post it here. So Enjoy~!!

This Peerket is so adorable and tame. It flew to Wei Hoe's hand because he bribe it with 'kuaci'.
This shot was taken by Wei Hoe and is one of the beautiful shot of the day. Beautiful bokeh and sharp.
This Duck have a fetish on Bum-Bum and truly enjoys farts while sleeping
Is it a Statue or a Bird?
Sexy red Devil huh. I love it.
Is it a DECOration or TOCO Tuncan Bird?
This Bird truly brings out the Natural Nature colour out of it!
Poor Eagle being prisioned and wanting to be freed from the look of it's face
Another Seeking for freedom.

The main highlight of the day is definitely the Rise of Beautiful Peacock~!! We are really lucky to see the Peacock's feather and of course took many many shots.
Male Peafowl trying to lure the Female Peafowl
The Courtin Session, Meowwww...

P/S : All these shots was taken 6-8 months back, therefore, some of the is blurred, shake, ISO, metering is wrong and that's why it is not the perfect shots. However, I have more improved shots coming up.

So stay Tune..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 2009 Chinese New Year


May a huge auspicious year of Ox New Year brings your wishes, happiness, good fortune comes true and a whole prosperous year.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paint Ball at Subang Jaya (TT Sports Park)

Few months back, Adrian and Vanessa (Van) called us up for paint ball battle at Subang. It is situated near Subang Medical Center or to be precise Holiday Villa and is one of the largest paint ball park in Malaysia. As you drive towards the Holiday Villa road, watch out for TT Sports Park sign board that will lead you to the office and battlefield.

The TT Sports Sign Board
The Main Battlefield for large group
Our Smaller Battlefield for smaller group

Well as usually, while waiting for Mr Khek Meng to arrive, we roam and camwhored around like nobody's business.

Me and Ganas Vanessa
You can see the Siao and Normal couple's action

Once, Mr Khek Meng arrived, we proceed to the counter and the lovely instructor patiently prepare our marker and reloading our bullets. It was kinda fun, seeing the instructor loading the bullets and therefore, the great Yee Joo being 'keh poh' enough to help him reloading the marker.

The preparation counter

TT Sports Park, is a worth going place as it provide safe helmet, body guard and of course CHEAP, but sometimes their marker will got stuck by the bullets (it is a normal situation). Besides, you are required to booked online or through phone as TT Sports are forever full. Well, again as soon as our battle is over, we camwhored again. So enjoy!
LOL. Stupid picture
Us Posing for the camera
Of course our last Posing will make the day

Well, at the end of the day, guess who is the 'LAST ONE STANDING'? Of course is the Great JoOzism who trashes the guys like nobody's business. Haha!!! I only got hit once which is the first round of the battle (Still new and blur at that time). The most coolest moment, is that I managed to kill Wei Hoe and Khek Meng at the same time in the battlefield (1 (YJ) Vs 2 (WH & KM) ) . It was scary yet andrenalin~!!!

Besides, the total game per pax was from RM60 to RM70 including Mask, Body Guard, Marker and 320 bullets (2000 bullets per box). So it is worth going~!!

For more info : kindly visit here

Coming Up will be my Bird Park Shots. Stay Tune~!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

TRRG Reunion at KLCC Aquaria

Last 5th November 2008, TRRG organized the 2008 annual TRRG Reunion Dinner for all volunteers and TRRG workers to share our experience during the 1 week stay at Chagar Hutang. It was held at KLCC Aquaria and they agreed to give TRRG volunteers a discounted entrance fee of RM 18 per person to visit Aquaria two hours before the reunion. So of course, Wei Hoe and I take this opportunity to visit KLCC Aquaria once again and also too brush up our photography skills.

TRRG Annual Dinner 2008

The annual dinner started with a detailed presentation from Professor Chan (founder of TRRG) and Pelf (RA) on the summary of TRRG activities as well as the statistics for number of nests deposited and number of turtles landed. Below are some of the details :

We touched the 600 mark in nests deposited in Chagar Hutang, the third highest since the egg protection program was initiated in 1993. A record of 606 nests were laid by the end of November and on the 5th of December 2008, I received a call from Mahadi that a new green turtle had landed on the 4th and successfully deposited nest number 607. Wow! She is the 78th neonate (first time nester) green turtle nester for 2008 and bears ID 2008G078. " By: Professor Chan

After the presentation, a video of TRRG Majalah 3 documentary on 'Turtle's can fly campaign' was played and it was indeed very touching. Click here to watch the video.

After the video, it was followed by the Live Russian auction where items like key chain, hand phone decorator, necklace, ear rings, pin and other were austioned to raise fund for the TRRG. But due to time contrained, after a few auctions, they ended up selling the items where i got my sexy pewter turtle earings for RM15.00.

For more information on this event kindly click here

And below are the some of photos we took at KLCC Aquaria. Enjoy!!

Our beloved RA, Kak Lea
This cute baby croc is lazy!
This eel looks very lonely in the aquarium
Beautiful Indoor Silhouette Effect
Cute Small shrimp was spotted

Well, I'll be going to Chagar Hutang again this year, somewhere end of July 2009 or beginning of August 2009, So if you are interested just contact me as I am gathering people to fill my booking of 8 slots, the more the merrier right.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tang Yuen Festival 2008 (Glutinuos Rice Ball)

Last 22nd December 2008, is the day where Chinese celebrate the Tang Yuen Festival where it is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with water and roll it into the form of ball. Then , it was served with Boiled Sugar syrup and pandan leave.

So as usually, mummy and I will make this tasty tang yuen with multi colours although it is traditionally from 2 main colours which is red and white. Well, I love to keep this mouth-watering desert refrigerated to indulge myself in this hot weather~!!

Tasty Tang Yuen made by me and Mom
5 wonder Colours (Green-Pandan, Brown-Milo, White-Vanila, Red and Yellow-Colouring)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last 6th of December is the biggest event of AIESEC in Malaysia as it is the grand celebration dinner of RACE ( Recognising Achievements, Celebrating Excellence).

RACE 2008 is a one-time only combined celebration for AIESEC in Malaysia's in recognizing achievements and celebrating excellence of our national high flyers, as well as commemorates our 40 years of presence in this country.

The three celebrations are: AIESEC Malaysia Awards Night, AIESEC in Malaysia's 40th Anniversary and the global celebration of AIESEC's 60th Anniversary, gala dinner of MyLDS 2008.

In this lavishly and delicately presented evening, a series of awards will be given out to acknowledge the achievements of various titles, from Top Gun LC Award to Best Exchange Team and most importantly, the Alumni Hall of Fame.

Running concurrently, AIESEC will celebrate its 60th birthday throughout 2008 across five continents in a variety of events throughout the year, including our very own AIESEC in Malaysia's 40th anniversary in this evening.

So, enjoy the pictures below,

Me and Feminine Angelyn
HELP UC girls in Action
My AIESEC Old Pals from all University (This is just partial)

Coming Up post will be,

Tong Yuen, so stay tune~!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back from Missing in Action~!

Hey peeps, I am finally back from my 2 months long missing in action Blogging. This is due to busy assignments, tests and final exams plus my-super-lazy-syndrome. Besides, I am so hooked up will numerous Anime too, that's why I had developed my-super-lazy-syndrome.

Oh Well, my final exam has finally over, which means I am FREE to :

1. Tidy my room till Ceiling fell off

2. Shop like mad till extremely Broke

3. Take Pictures like mad till Shutter Life reaches 100,000

4. Upkeep and Upgrade my car till Bumper fell off

5. Blog till my laptop 'Hang Kei'

6. Plan a Short trip and have fun till crazy

7. Diet till I gain more fats

8. Finally Party like nobody's business

Besides, I will be posting up my pending posts as below from now on and will be adding more to it.Therefore, Stay Tune~!!

1. Bird Park Shots

2. Paint Ball

3. Kuching (Real Long)

4. Young Times


Besides, Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~!!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hooked Up with D Gray Man

Hello, Sorry for not updating my blog for the past few weeks, as I am hooked up with my recent addict which is the D Gray Man Anime. It is so freaking cool till I stayed up whole night just to finish up the anime. Below are the summary of the anime.

" D.Gray-man
(ディーグレイマン Dī Gureiman) is an ongoing Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker who becomes able to use an ancient substance called Innocence, and becomes an exorcist in order to collect all the Innocence that is lost in the world alongside other exorcists and to defeat the Millennium Earl who possesses an army of dangerous creatures named Akuma."

Sources By :


Well, the season 2 anime just ended, but however the manga is still ongoing and you can get it from One Manga. Btw resources says that season 3 will be up after 2-3 months later and I am so exciting over it~!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

“Say NO to turtle eggs” - TRRG


Dear people, UMT have just ported the “Say NO to turtle eggs” petition online to simplify the signing process of not eating turtle eggs for the rest of your life. Therefore, All that you need to do is read and sign the petition then send the petition link to your contacts, and also encourage your friends to sign it and then forward it to their contacts. I have signed mine and I am the 33th person who signs it. Below are my 'signature':

Dear Friends,
I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Say "NO" to turtle eggs!"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.

Best wishes,


Besides that, for more information kindly click here to browse the UMT blog browser. Thank you!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sloggi Event @ Sunway Lagoon 2008

Last Month, went to the Sloggi Event @ Sunway Lagoon by getting free entry ticket from Chad. which he got it from his high school friend who worked for events. The event was organize to promote the new look of Sloggi's bra and panty. It's a cool event that you get to see many hot chicks in bikinis and of course bra (HAHA).

Besides, at Sloggi Event you get to see band performance, Fly.FM crew (check out at chad's blog below to find out something), Cool Arts, Lots of Goodies, Babes, Lots of Bra and Panty for sale and etc.

Sunway Lagoon WaterPark
I really like the body art as it truly suits the Sloggi Bra and Panty theme - colorful
If you played/participated all 10 ten booth, you will get free goodies
Elena and Jia Hui
The petite Couple, they are so small and cute couple
Now, this is the gigantic couple who can crush the world, (Btw, I can ope my eye due to the sun)
Our prety group photos, and thanks to the wind, my hair looks like in studio, haha

Overall, it's a cool but very very very hot event. Well, for more information kindly visit Chad Gan or Elena Tan site. Well, I got to ZoOm. Stay tune for the next post, Tata

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cameron Highland by Wei Hoe

Last few weeks, Wei Hoe and his family went to Cameron Highland (2 Days 1 Night) for some relaxation and also for clean and fresh air. Initially his family and him did invited me, but due to classes I had rejected their offer and therefore it is his trip.

They drove up the steep and curvy hill, and they had rented a unit of apartment at RM200 per night with 3 bed rooms. Cheap huh. Well, since he took many beautiful and breath-taking shots of flowers and sceneries, so I shall just post it up for all to view. Enjoy!!

The Big Big Tea Farm @ Cameron Highland that produces 'Boh, ada Uphmm"
Cool cactus shot that looks like taken in studio and its chili..
Does this looks like a ****? Hahaha.. Don't think dirty ya
Pretty Rose and the Beautiful Water shots
Does this flower looks like a bird standing inside the flower? Cute huh..
One of the Multi shots of flowers
Can you see the Bokeh Effect by DSLR? Owhhh.. Beautiful...
One of the Shot of the trip~!! Nice le..
Phewww... The power of DSLR.. Good job Dear
Big Tomatoes, Big Big Tomatoes
Fresh Grapes anyone?
Another Shot of the trip, Macro Closed Up Picture of a Fly. Nice...

Oh well, Overall I can see that Wei Hoe really enjoys his trip and above pictures are only not-even-semi-quarter of the pictures he took. I will definitely go up to Cameron one day to challenge his shots with my own Cameron Highland Shots and we shall compare who's is nicer, LOL.

All pictures above are taken by Olympus E-510, Standard 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens